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The brain science laboratories of today are not tucked away in basements of large universities and hospitals. They are now small, nimble, creative and transportable.  In our own portable brain laboratory (NeuroLAB) we can conduct our EEG & ECG monitoring and conduct assessments from small to very large corporates. 

Our NeuroLAB is designed using the latest neuroscience technologies and techniques to ensure individuals, teams and organisations perform at their PEAK while maintaining optimum HEALTH.

NeuroLAB's can be implemented in organisations as a permanent part of the organisation for use by all staff. NeuroLAB can also be used with a specific training program or part of wellness programs delivered on a needs basis.

Download a NeuroLAB brochure here 

NeuroLAB Brochure NeuroLAB Brochure (116 KB)

Download a NeuroLAB talent development brochure here

NeuroLAB Talent Development Brochure NeuroLAB Talent Development Brochure (456 KB)



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